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Silicone Anal Plug Anal Beads Anal Toy Adult Sextoys Unisex Silicone

Silicone Anal Plug Anal Beads Anal Toy Adult Sextoys Unisex Silicone

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All plugs are HANDMADE .Each gem is individually cut and polished by hand, and these gems will be glued to the base with natural glue. All accessories are assembled by hand. I will guarantee the quality of every product. For products such as tails, each hair needs to be pasted and fixed by hand with tweezers. We will sift out bad hair.
We are a family business. We have our own small factories and machines. Products need time to make . I brought five job opportunities to our town. I helped five families find jobs. They are very happy to work with me.A mother with two children. She works very hard.
At the beginning we made stainless steel plugs, and then we added new silicone products. We will continue to add new machines and products.
Thank you for your purchased!
Please contact me if you have any questions.
No drying,No hot water washing!


high quality
Non-toxic: safe to use in the body
High quality silicone

There are more butt plugs, foxtails and accessories in shop. Welcome.
If you have any questions, please contact!Purchase Policy: This product is for adults, please do not buy it if you are under age.
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